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The director of the gallery - Iryna Veshtak-Ostromenska,
Co director of the gallery - Volodymyr Veshtak

The gallery is based in 1989. Specialises on the poster, grafics, photo.

Ukraine, 04053 Kiev,
Street Artem (Sichovyh Striltziv) 1-5
The Central House of the Artist
2 floor, balcony
Ph.: (38 044) 272 05 47, 292 21 84
Fax: (38 044) 292 18 41
E-mail: veshtak@voliacable.com

The GALLERY is OPEN from 12.00 till 18.00, except Monday and Tuesday

Office (the post address)
Ukraine 02100 Kiev,
Bulevard Truda 7-36
Ph. (38 044) 292 21 84
Ph./fax (38 044) 292 18 41
E-mail: veshtak@voliacable.com


Gallery collections:
The Ukrainian Soviet poster of 1945-1991
Ukrainian circus posters of 30's
Collection of modern silk-screen 1995-2005
Artists of our gallery
Exclusive artific postcards
Lino collection of 70's-80's
Paintings collection (socialistic realism) 1956-1970


Exhibition activity of gallery

The gallery open prior to 24 exhibitions in one year. The exposition changes each two weeks.
The gallery takes part in the big art festivals where presents the collections and artists of gallery.

2001 International festival of arts. A silk-screen printing collection. Magdebourg, Germany.
2005 Ukrainian poster. A poster museum. Arhus, Denmark.
2006 I see you. You see me the Ukrainian-Polish graphic project. Krakow, Poland, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 Hudgraf-2007 the International graphic festival. Modern Ukrainian gouache, a watercolour. Moscow, Russia.
2007 The First sculptural salon. An exhibition of a sculpture of Iryna Veshtak-Ostromenska. Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 Ukraine art. Festival of arts. A sculpture and painting exhibition. (Iryna Veshtak-Ostromenska, Volodymyr Veshtak, Oleg Dergachev)

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