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Black and red fight and merging in Merzeleves expressionism, are poured out by a paint through the silkprint sieve, in just born publishing workshop " Agitplakat " - as there were no thirty years of ideological pressure - only slightly censorship released and artists have started working in formal decisions. A pressure of constructivism and a suprematism, refinement of the art-deco - in the best posters of the period. Not casually, that the debut of the Ukrainian poster on international bienale has fallen to this time (A.Lembersky, Warsaw, 67.) The publishing house Agitplakat of the Union of artists USSR has been organized in 1963, as small publishing house with the industrial printed base. Has existed almost thirty years and has left in nonexistence, having left us in the inheritance, sheets of a brown paper (those during Soviet time, referred to half cardboard, with rough inclusions of cellulose, now such qualities goes as hand make art paper). It is necessary to tell that makes related and follows from Windows of GROWTH not only the name "Agitplakat", but also an aesthetics of poverty - bad paper, a paint with a blurring fat aura (deficiency of special paints for traffaret print resulted local masters in searches of internal resources: the laundry soap, glycerin, art oil, etc. mixed up). Now it gives to sheets a kind of authenticity and admires with sensation of authenticity.


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