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Situation which was in the poster of this period, cant be compared with that how painters and graphic artists lived during same time, under supervision of official exhibition committee. To see in showrooms of the Union of artists of Ukraine, and there were no others then, any formal searches was possible only in the poster. The poster as versions applied graphic, was aloud, some liberty in use of decorative effect and reserve in colour, caricature in creation of an image, use of collages in technics of performance. All this was impossible in official displays of painting, graphic, sculpture.

Here (in the poster) the life boiled: on 3-4 republican and international competitions of the poster, biennial in Warsaw, Brno, Lahti (Finland) from the postoffice for 5 Soviet roubles you send the poster, and you receive participation in the international exhibition and thick color catalogue lots of information from all the world back. Theatrical and circus Kiev puts to premiere after a premiere and to each new performance, the poster is necessary for collective. Publishing house "Film-poster " works, artists have no time to serve "Mosfilm", "Lenfilm", "Dovzhenco" - and very often the poster is more expressive than the film itself.

There was something, breath of other life was in the air - they are near to us, Poles where the poster is at an improbable level of freedom of idea and plastics - we see it in "Project", "Intergraphic".



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