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This is a tragical time in a history of our art.The Ukrainian poster dies on rise. All this is applied graphic, the poster is imposible with out duplicating, duplicating is not present without the customer - "Film-poster" is closed, "Politizdat" has stopped existence, "Agitplakat" slowly dies, theatres and circuses catastrophically grow poor the poster is not ordered any more to professional artists - poster artists.

Alongside with closing of official publishing houses this is the time of the certain illusions of artists and the first opportunities to print, that what you think necessary.

The first free posters in Ukraine after 70 years of totalitarian management of ideology of communist party, by means of official publishing houses, official opinions, official censorship have been published by us, Irina Veshtak-Ostromenskoj and Vladimir Veshtak.

Gallery " Maysternia " (which referred to then creative - production co-operative Sens ) has printed in 1989-91. 15 posters on themes: preservations of traditional culture, a problem of ecology of Ukraine, itself inditification of Ukrainian people.


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